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In Ice and Snow...in my dreams..

I'm calling your name...

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I was told that I'm special, that I wasn't like the other people. There are a few reasons but I don't want to talk about them. All I know is that there is someone out there waiting for me who'll accept me as I am and I've been searching for him since I was very little.

Will I ever find you?

Well I'm back in Konoha now, and this is when this journal begins. It's a new chapter of my life because I've been told that this is the city I'll settle down in for the rest of my life, whether or not I find my partner. But I hope I do find my partner. But until I meet that person, I'll just continue to make friends and being me. I like my life, and I love the people I've met so far. Everyone's so kind to me. And I'm sure when I meet that special someone...he will be too.

But it's okay because Father brought me here, and with him around I think I can acoomplish anything. He's so outgoing and fun to be around.

kiss me sweet

I'm sleeping in silence

all alone

in ice and snow

in my dream

I'm calling your name

you are my love

in your eyes

I search for my memory

lost in vain

so far in the scenery

hold me tight,

and swear again and again

we'll never be apart

if you could touch my feathers softly

I'll give you my love

we set sail in the darkness of the night

out to the sea

to find me there

to find you there

love me now

if you dare....

kiss me sweet

I'm sleeping in sorrow

all alone

to see you tomorrow

in my draem

I'm calling your name

you are my love...

my love...

Character Name: Rock Akebi
Character Journal: [Bad username: charactersusername] stainless_akebi
Age: 13 going onto 14 sometime in the near future.
Hair Color: Raven black.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Height: 150cm.
Parents: Rock Lee and RandomGirlNinja#564
Appearance Description: She's got long, straight black hair that goes straight down to her waist and is usually seeing wearing a green headband as well which is matching to her green eyes. The girl is slim and very feminine and delicate.

When she goes crazy however, her eyes darken to a murky green and on her hair a symbol of the skull and crossbones appear. A curse which was inflicted upon her when she was born by a wandering random person and Lee has been trying to find a cure for it since.
Clothing Description: Usually seen wearing a long green dress...matching her headband and hair seeing as how green is the theme. The dress is decorated in the chinese style of patterning.

When she's sent out training or on a mission however it's replaced with green armbands and a green leotard which she wears underneath a pair of dark green bike shorts and a tight black top (green lining) with long mesh sleeves. She wears chain gloves on her hands and black konoha boots. Her hair gets tied into a long braid which breaks out of its bindings if she goes insane.
Personality: Akebi is a very calm and happy person. She loves to draw for people and sing for people. Her ideal would be to spread peace and stop all the wars. She can be found either composing music or drawing usually in a random place. Always out to make friends and can't see the bad in anybody.

However if anybody hurts her or tries to hurt people she holds dear she goes into an insanity mode; caused by her curse and the fact she tries to hide from all the evil in society. In her insanity mode she's a really strong fighter and basically is out to kill everyone in her way. The only way to calm down is to either tire her out or send out someone who she loves. Which is right now..only her dad Lee.
Short Blurb: Lee fell in love when he was...(insert random age) and he had one child by the name of Akebi. During childbirth however a passing ninja with a vengeance again Lee put a curse on his daughter which made her the way she is. His wife died shortly after which left him heartbroken but he quickly got over it (he had to) to raise his daughter whom he loved dearly. They had travelled the world to find a cure in vain and Lee finally decided to return back to Konoha where he can hopefully find the help he needs.
Anything Else: ER...>.> not that I can think of.

RP Journal for konohas_leaves by the mun at [Unknown LJ tag]