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elegant beauty

Life is great!

Posted on 2005.08.04 at 17:19
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
I've been exploring every single part of Tokyo that I could think of. The temples and the parks and all the shopping centres! Shopping here seems so much fun! Especially all the clothes I can buy although I only have a little allowance to spend. But maybe Nee-sama will take me shopping sometime because there's this really pretty dress I saw at the shops the other day and it was kind of expensive but the frills and bows were so nice! And it was this really striking crimson colour. I'm sure nee-sama would like it. Although maybe if she saw it she'd want to buy it for herself instead of me. But that's okay! Then I could just borrow it, right?

Well, I haven't made many new friends really but this one person I met is really nice. He's fun and stuff. I hope i get to see him again although, on the bus today someone pushed me and when I fell down it really really hurt. Not like anything ever bad appears on my skin and stuff...I guess that's why people never stop to say sorry or anything because it doesn't look like it hurts..but it really really does hurt a lot!

Mm...I love singing. I want to start going to school soon too!

elegant beauty


Posted on 2005.07.27 at 18:01
Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi - Ayumi Hamasaki - Kanariya (Power Mix)
I definitely think Tokyo is a fun place to be. I've been enjoying myself just exploring the town. There's a little park nearby that I like to go to and there's a big open area where I can stand on the top of a hill and just sing. Sing really loudly and people don't bother me. I want to become a singer one day. I wonder if that's possible. I hope it is. It'd be fun to sing in front of people and have them be happy with me. i want to hear lots of clapping and cheering. I had an audience one time at the park though. He was a funny polite little boy. Maybe one day I'll get to see him again but the time we had together was a lot of fun.

I'm stll searching for my partner. Although I heard something the other day. I was browsing on the internet the other day and I met someone called zero_natsuo and he told me that Nagisa-Nee would have created me a partner. Because I chatted with him a little, he told me that Nagisa-nee also created him. He can't feel things. That must be so strange. To not be able to feel things sounds really sad and scary but he told met hat Nagisa-Nee creates us in pairs. That can't be true right? The reason Nagisa-Nee sent me out into the world was so that I would be able to find my partner and she doesn't lie to me. She says she cares about me so maybe she didn't create me a pair. Maybe the reason she cares about me so much is because she forgot to create me a pair and feels sad for me or something. But I know I will find a pair. I have to.

I want to make everyone happy and find the person that I'm destined to be with.

Then I was told about fighting and fighting sounds scary to. He told me about fighters and sacrifices and it must really hurt to be a sacrifice. I wonder if I'm a sacrifice or a fighter. But being either sounds really scary. Fighting people must be really scary. I wonder who created this fighting and why we have to fight. But that's okay, it doesn't sound so bad once you get to be with your partner. Natsuo sounds really happy that he's with Youji and one day I want to be like that too.

But until then I'm happy. I have a new friend I think. It depends if I see him again. He liked my singing so maybe he'll come see me again. Mm..

Until then I'll play with the little butterflies that Nagisa-Nee breeded for me. They're really cute little orange butterflies. I took a picture of one to use as my icon. They're so nice, they do little dances while I sing.

I want to go to school soon. There's one nearby, maybe I can go to that one.

elegant beauty

Back in Tokyo...

Posted on 2005.07.24 at 08:25
Current Music: Kajiura Yuki - You Are My Love
It's been a long time since there has been a place for me to call home. I've been moving from town to town for a long time, every few months I've had to move in fact. I guess after a while I got used to making new friends all the time. Sometimes they'd keep in contact for a while but most of the time people just didn't bother. That's okay though, with every town that I went to and every person that I met, Nagisa-nee always stuck near me somehow. Phonecalls or e-mails.

Well the reason she had me travel to so many places in the world was so I could search for my partner. I still haven't found him. Well, Nagisa-nee told me it was a him but I haven't seen yet. I haven't heard anything yet either. It's been so long searching but that's okay because I got to see so many places and meet so many people. It was definitely an experience. =3

After all that though, the other day I got a phone call telling me that the person I had been searching for would be in Tokyo after all and all that searching really didn't do much. So, here I am back in Tokyo. I haven't been here since I was very young I believe. My memories of back then are definitely very hazy but it's nice to be back here once more. I can't wait to start going to school and meeting people. Seeing how things work and such. It's got to be so different from some of the places I've been to.

I wonder if I'll be able to find the person I'm searching for though. I wonder if he's searching for me. I'm so excited. It'd be nice if he'd been searching for me too. Mm..although I'm not quite sure of the reason I'm searching for him. I was just told that, one day I would find someone who would accept me for everything that I am. Absolutely everything. Although sometimes I wonder what that could mean.

But that's all okay, I'm going to go explore the town in a little while. I think I might take a nap first and then have some breakfast. I want to go see the park and visit all the fun places in town. I think I am already definitely ready to call this place home.

Mm...I know you're out there somewhere. Come find me. I really want to meet you.